The Quantum ORD Bot Gets a Big Brother

There has been a lot of interest in an ORD Bot with a bigger build area. This is the Quantum’s larger brother. This uses the MK1/MK2 heated built platform which is about 214mm x 214mm. You can go larger, but you are on your own.

The name is not yet determined. I wanted something similar to Quantum that conveyed a larger volume. A search of units of volume reminded of one of my favorite units “The Firkin”. Not only does Firkin sound cool, it is part of the FFF (Furlong/Firkin/Fortnight) unit system and it is a measure of beer. The other suggestions was Hadron, which is very similar to Quantum but larger and means thick or stout in greek. Firkin is cool, but Hadron is more family friendly.

They share all parts except the MakerSlide length, the handle and the build platform.

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6 Responses to “The Quantum ORD Bot Gets a Big Brother”

  1. Michael Hensen

    Congrats, great .. this is exactly the size I want.. Where can we order all the parts required?
    I would call it Hadron…

  2. bdring

    There will be a way to pre-order at … by the end of the day.

    Other than a few beta test units, production will ship via the store pre-order entry time.

  3. The Quantum ORD Bot 3d printer gets a Big Brother « 3d printing event

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  4. geektopia

    Hi bdring, are the pre-orders happening at the above address, it says sold out??

  5. bdring

    All of the pre-orders sold out. I may order more parts, but right now I am concentrating on the 100+ first batch

  6. wishwuz betterengineer

    A great idea, BUT – I need a plastics layer-downer that’l do at least 12″ square ABS with a minimum 3D accuracy of 1440 dpi or better. Tell me how mad I am – 1- replace all motors with .9-degree steppers if possible (should be by using half-coils of 6-wires, not sure what effect this’ll have on loading. REPLACE threaded rods with standard-grade Mitsumi or other lead screws, with bearings top and bottom, make that 32 mm diameter lead screws, effectively cutting in half the size of a step. Put pillow blocks on a fixed bar above lead screws, slide the ZY bar down with inexpensive V-slides ON 40 mm square stock – more$ but fewer vibrations. Go to a Makerbot Mk7 (last PD) hotpoint or Someone Else’s (spec if you know a better system small enough to line up 2-3 in a row, lastly support table with 2 slide tracks and 4 blocks AND lead screw, front&back end.
    Well, it is not last, the things seem to vibrate like hell, and the machine probably should be permanently mounted on levelers going into an 18″ or larger cardboard-tube concrete form filled with the above-that is put levelers either on the machine/block, caster/levelers (don’t forget to put in a well-mounted circle of marine-grade 1″ plywood on bottom with lots of screws and gorilla glue, maybe some epoxy too before pouring the stuff. OK, so you have a table-top machine, or floor-mount model that requires at least, by the time you’re done 32″ square, and ends the Major Problem for thing-makers, combining size with accuracy. Oh, use a solid Al 13″x1″ or so work table (look for scrap and some kindly person with a milling machine) + standoffs between that and Pyrex plate drilled carefully in 4 corners (insulate if possible between 2) and add heater laid out on PC board given brief bath (after etching) to turn copper into something with more resistance or use other method to build big heated surface controlled by thermister w/emergency stop thermal switch, Topped with Kapton – Oh warning – overheating any CFC solid, like Teflon will kill pet birds in a flash, keep your distance, and ventilate plastics fumes anyway Anybody wishing to combine heads on thing, get in touch w/