Grbl_ESP32 update: SD Card Support

Here is a look at something I have been working on. I have added some SD card features to Grbl_ESP32.

Why SD Cards?

Grbl works great with senders and really shouldn’t need SD card support. That is true for your typical desktop CNC router. laser, etc., but there are a lot of machines that are not “typical”. I like to make machines I can fit in my backpack or in the palm of my hand. I certainly don’t want to use a traditional PC – Machine setup. I want control via phone or completely autonomous. This means SD card, Bluetooth and Wifi options are critical.

Does a machine even need connectivity at all? Running a file from an SD card and uploading new firmware via SD card is going to be critical for some new projects I have plans for.

What is the best way to do this?

After debating a few methods of implementing this, I decided to do it in a more Grbl’y way, than a Marlin’y way so that it is less likely to break the existing Grbl gcode senders. This means I’ll try to report status and push notifications in a way that won’t break anything. I’ll also follow the strict NIST gcode rules of Grbl. NIST does not have SD gcodes, so they will be more like Grbls $H (homing) than Marlins equivalent gcodes.

With that said, if anyone has some suggestions for changes, I am still in a stage where I can consider them.


The commands all start with $F (for file).

  • $FM – Mounts the SD card. You do this once whenever you want to use the SD card or after you re-insert.
  • $F – Reports all the files matching (.NC, .TXT or .GCODE). It printrs one line per file like [FILE:/ SIZE:7609]
  • $F=/ – This runs the file.

Job progress is automatically appended to the end of the “?” command response. like <…….|SD:55.78> where 55.78 is the percent complete.

Sender Compatibility

  • All of senders I have tested (UGS, LaserGrbl, Grbl Controller) are OK with these changes.
  • They continue to request and get status and update the DROs.
  • If they have a verbose option, you can see the job progress.
  • Some (Grbl controller) filter out (don’t display) the [FILE:….] responses even on verbose mode.
  • All can be disconnected during a job without affecting it.
  • Most send a Grbl Reset when reconnected which kills the job. This would be easy to ignore during SD card jobs (not implemented).

Next Steps

  • I will release a branch with these features
  • I want to look at adding a card detect feature to auto mount the card
  • Look at methods of firmware upgrade via SD card.
  • Can a file be uploaded to the SD card (USB, Bluetooth, Wifi)?


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2 Responses to “Grbl_ESP32 update: SD Card Support”

  1. denziko

    Greetings dear!
    Do you plan to expand to you perfect board the number of drivers to engines to 5-6 ?
    It would be very good to use on 3d printers.
    Thank you.

  2. bdring

    It is not difficult to add additional coordinated axes in firmware. My PSoC 5 port of Grbl has 6.

    To do that on the ESP32 we would need to expand the I/O count using additional parts. That is not challenging either, but we are currently focused on using the existing I/O and working on new control features like, Bluetooth, SD Card, Wifi and web server.

    More axes and 3D printer features are further down the road.