Grbl_ESP32 Development Board Version 3.1

This is a quick blog post to document version 3.1. This is for sale at Tindie, but you can make your own via these files.

What is new

  • Integrated SD card socket: This no longer uses a plug in module.
  • Integrated 5V 3A DC power supply.: The previous plug in module used the same parts, but was adjustable. The adjustment was very sensitive and prone to drifting a little.

Source Files


This list does not include generic resistors and caps or header connectors.

C1,C6,C11CAP ALUM 47UF 20% 35VNichicon UWX1V470MCL1GB
D1Schottky DiodeVishay SS24 DO-214
J11DC Barrel ConnectorCUI Inc PJ-102A
J20Micro SD SocketKorean Hroparts TF-01A
L1 Inductors 4.7uH ±20% 5.5AnMHCI06030-4R7M-R8
U5Step Down ConverterMPS MP1584EN
U1ControllerESP32 Dev Module


Get it at Tindie

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