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Full color 3-D viewing Stand For iPad

iPad 3D Viewer

Thomas Kumlehn of Pixel Partner sent me a nice email regarding the iPad Chair.  He did a roughly similar Instructable to mine on an iPad 3-D viewer.  This is another laser cut flat-pack iPad holder, but this holds the iPad in the perfect location for viewing stereoscopic 3D images and video.  He uses a readily available lens the redirects your vision to over under pairs.  The iPads portrait mode works very well for this.

I remember as a child, a friend had a vintage side by side stereo viewer with a bunch of black and white pictures for it.  I remember how amazed I was by them.

He has files available for cutting on his web site.

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Laser Wood Burning Pen

There is an Interesting Instructable on integrating a 1W fiber coupled laser into a pen.  The whole project is a rather low tech approach, so it shows how easy it is to do.  I found a few of the fiber optic coupled laser diodes on eBay, all for less than $100.  In the video, it does not appear to burn real fast, but it still looks usable.