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I just got my production batch of relay drivers. These guys drop into any Pololu socket and allow you to control a big relay with the existing step and direction signals and motor voltage. This is perfect for controlling spindles and blowers.

I have been using hand wired versions for a while, but they take while to route out and wire.

http://www.buildlog.net/blog/2011/10/po ... ay-driver/


This is great Bart.
Just watched the video...
How soon would you sell them (assembled or as kits)?

Can you indicate a good source for compatible relays?
I can sell them right away. They are $5 raw board, $10 kit, $12 assembled.

I get most of my relays like this from Automation Direct. They sell hundreds of DIN rail types. 24VDC is a common coil voltage for industrial automation and works well with our power supplies. The transistor should be able to drive any of their coils.
I do work on circuit breakers here in Texas and I used to use automation direct for all my needs until I found a local company that is very competitive when it comes to prices. I always prefer using a local company. If this helps any :http://www.industrialcontroldirect.com/wire-management-7/