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Postby Techgraphix » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:00 pm

Can you keep the temperature stable? let's say 15 degrees Celcius?
Too cold and your tube will die too: below 10 degrees Celcius you wil get condensation, the difference in temperature will be too big so you might crack the tube.
To save a lot of problems you should just buy a decent cooler like the CW5000 or even the CW5200.
It costs a few more dollars but it assures you a longer life for your tube.
First i tried to keep my tube cold with radiators, ventilators, about 500W peltiers etc etc: in about a half year i wasted my tube... Then i bought a CW5000 water chiller, programmed it to 15 degrees and my tube lives for over 3 years now, excuse.. 4 years already.. No need for an extra waterpump, flowsensor etc.: it all in there and you can use its error signal direct to your controller.

But ofcourse you're free to experiment.. it's not my tube..

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