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jchalo99's BuildLog, machine...

Postby jchalo99 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:09 pm

This is just the start of my machine.

i acquired this and other machines for my FIRST robotics team to disassemble and sell as scrap. the information i got was that this PCB manufacturing company is scrapping some of there machines, so i asked them if they would donate them, and they agreed. so me and a few other people loaded them onto a flatbed and transported this load to our build site. the team didn't want to do the work of disassemble and they quit the team. the team fell apart and now me and my dad (the coach of the team) were stuck having to clear out the build site by our self's. once we started looking at what we had there i knowtaced it had alot. We had PDP-11's, we had other controll electronics that were old, and looked warn (still have them, if someone wantes to either buy them or help me test them that would be great) they all came out of a pick and place machine by Universal Instruments. so we startied taking apart the part storage and feeding, and scarpped that. than we had the axial insert-er left. i knowtaced that it still had motors and the table still moved freely. so i took it to the scrap yard and asked how much they would pay me for it, than i payed the teams bank account the money (only 200). so now i got left with a axial inserter.

This machine had in it control boards and a computer, an e-stop button, multiple pneumatics, and alot of other nice stuff.

Now i knew i wanted to build a 3d printer back then, so i looked up all the information i could on everything.

It had Kollmorgan U12M4 ServoDisc Motors (pancake motors), it had extremely responsive encoders (sorry dont have any info on me ill rite up about everything in more detail lator.) i looked up the control boards but go no information, so i had to find my own way to controll the motors and encoders, so i thought of the Makerbot Motherboard, it would give me signals from a 3d file, so i got it. now i needed a way to actualy controll the motors.

i found a control board from an odd site. the control board uses the UHU chip, and is sold "http://www.embeddedtronics.com/uhuservo.html" but i messed up somewere along the line and i cant get them to work, and i have yet to fix them because i dont know how.

im now looking for help with controlling my motors, and than after i get the x and y axis working ill need help moving the x axis so i can have full movement. (the bed of the machine is a 36+" diameter table, that can spin, im thinking of making that my 4th axis. i dont know what that would benefit but it would be easy to implement so im thinking of working on that too)

ill post pictures in the following posts, and give more detail as i figure stuff out.
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