New Product! Limit Switch Port Kit

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New Product! Limit Switch Port Kit

Postby storm2313 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:33 pm

This is for a limit switch port bracket featuring 4 2.5mm mono female audio ports. This kit makes wiring your limit switches a joke. The bracket has holes predrilled, and is ready to mounted to your chassis or even your computer. The cables included already have the 2.5mm male mono plug attached with strain relief, and the wires that go to the limit switches are already tinned, and ready to solder. also included is three Omron limit switches.

Each limit/home switch cable is 14 ft., and the wire is super flexible for getting in the all to common tight mounting locations.

This kit will simplify your system, and let you have your limits hooked up to your machine in record time. If you don't want to solder review the solderless limit switch option in my store for an even faster hookup.
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