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FOR SALE-Interface/Laser Driver PCB

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:25 pm
by reeser
I have a new Interface/Laser Driver PCB for sale. I built this board about three months ago and used it to set up my 2.x laser build with Mach3. After getting everything working (Stepper Motors, Limit Switches, Homing, Interlocks, etc.) I uninstalled it and replaced the electronics with a LightObject LO-X7 DSP. The board has been used for about a week and everything works perfectly.
I no longer have need for this board and would like to sell it.
I am asking $110.00 with free shipping in CONUS.
Anyone interested can PM me or E-Mail me at

If you have questions let me know.


Re: FOR SALE-Interface/Laser Driver PCB

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 9:49 pm
by ing.sohaib
Hi reeser,

You seem to be giving it away for a reasonable price, I wouldn't try to hackle on that. I just wanted to know if you could post some pictures of the board since if possible I would love to see it before I make my mind up. I completely understand that when it comes to electronics, we can't judge a board by it's picture but it still does help a bit. I'm hopeful that i'll just be able to plug in my laser and it'll work like a charm without any soldering or tinkering.

Re: FOR SALE-Interface/Laser Driver PCB

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 9:05 pm
by reeser
Hello Sohaib:

Attached are pictures of the interface board.
I have both the DB9 and DB25 connectors which are included.

If you have questions you can PM me or post on the forum.