Power Distribution Assemblies

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Power Distribution Assemblies

Postby bdring » Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:03 pm

I have a lot of power distribution parts. These are everything you need to bring in the power and distribute it to all the power supplies, pumps, etc.

Just tell me how you want it and I will quote it, build it and ship it. The picture shows a typical setup. The each set of colored blocks is tied together. In this setup each color has (6) 22-12 awg terminals (1 each side times 3). One would be used to bring in the power and five are used to distribute the power. The power entry connector is a standard IEC 15 amp connector with a switch.

This makes a clean setup and the color coding makes the wiring easier (green = ground, black=line, white=neutral). The blocks are rated for 20amp, 600V.

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