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Questions for a European/Metric 2.x Build

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:02 am
by Kellerkind
my plan is to build a 2.x laser in germany.

While i am preparing the build some questions came up.

I have some trouble locating the correct Unit type ( Metric or Imperial ) in the Drawings with 100% certanty:
- am i right to assume that the drawings for the metal parts (c14002-001_rev_6.pdf, c30001-013_rev_4.pdf, c30001-014_rev_5.pdf ) are Imperial while the drawings for the milled HDPE parts are Metric ?
- are the drawings for the metal parts also availiable in a metric version?

-in the BOM are some Imperial Sized parts, as far as i can see most of them are for the z-lift. is there a reason not to use metric parts for the Z lift, as long as i correct my "z-steps-per-millimeter" in the gcode driver?
-are there other parts ( besides the length of the plastic spacers ) where a replacement by comparable metric parts would be harmfull ?

Thanks a lot everybody for shareing all these informations on such a impressive project.

Re: Questions for a European/Metric 2.x Build

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:56 am
by dwjp
I'm in a metric country as well, so struggled a little at first.

The Z lift nuts that attach to the table are imperial (as supplied by Bart), so you would have to design your own, as well as new bearing holders, and use pulleys with an appropriate metric bore.

The other important one I found was the screws that attach the lens holder to the carriage -- you'd have to build your own carriage if you want metric.

All very do-able, I think, but I didn't bother redesigning so everything was metric -- it was complicated enough as is!