Attaching the gantry brackets

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Attaching the gantry brackets

Postby bdring » Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:05 pm

The ends of the gantry extrusion need to be tapped for 5mm screws to attach the brackets. This was not documented anywhere. You can buy the extrusions pre-tapped for an extra $7. I have the taps so I ordered them untapped. Heck, you can probably buy a full set at harbor freight for that. FYI, you can also tap it #10-24 or #10-32 using that same hole. It is not the perfect pilot hole, but holds fine if you tap about 1/2".

The bottom legs are tapped #10-24 because that is the size of the feet. Misumi does not have an option for English threads.

Anyway, I changed the part number of the extrusion to the -TPW version in the BOM. This will default to "ready to use". Fix it back at order time if you want to save the $$$
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