Is one extrusion 5mm short?

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Is one extrusion 5mm short?

Postby bdring » Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:41 pm

At least 5 people have asked me about the HFS5-2020-725 extrusion. According to their calculations it is 5mm short. They are correct, but it is short on purpose. A gap is needed on the right side.

This is the extrusion that spans the work area at the back and supports the fronts of the tube brackets and the tops of the rear lead screws. A very important step is adjusting the left Y v rail to match the exact width of the gantry. Cutting and assembly variations require this to be adjustable. If the 725mm extrusion was full width, the Y v rail could not move inward if needed. The right side of the 725 extrusion is not fastened until the width is set. The bracket should be able to span the gap which may be more or less than 5mm.

The adjustment process is in the assembly instructions.
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