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Re: 2.x MakerSlide Upgrade Progress

Postby bdring » Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:51 pm

I think i found an error

That should be 0 on the front. I must have missed the 0 key.

I have made more progress. It has been fun building this second unit. I use it as a reward for shipping MakerSlide rewards. I promise myself I won't work on it until at least a dozen or so boxes go out that day.

This unit is going to be my "show" unit. I get invited to talk at a lot of Hackspaces/Makerspaces and mini maker faire type places. So far, I have just done slide shows and work samples. This will allow me to bring an actual unit. It will be setup to use Mach3, to save cost. I will have my old tube installed, but no tube power supply yet. I can't justify the cost yet.

Frame Done
Botton skin installed
Gantry Done
Z lead screws installed
Y Motor and bracketry installed
Motors wired

Hopefully it will be running by the end of the week.
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Re: 2.x MakerSlide Upgrade Progress

Postby bill griggs » Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:12 am

bdring wrote:The extra cost only applies to a $64 level backer. I will throw them in for higher level backers.

The MakerSlide sizes are (2) @ 560mm and 1 @ 700mm, which is almost exactly the 6' length the $64 people are supposed to get. I will add in all the (5 ish) required plastic parts, hardware, spacers and special Misumi corner brackets for existing 2.x owners.


I just found this post. Can I still get the additional wheels etc. if I send you the money? I though the original reward included the wheels and thing but I wasn't positive so I never bothered to ask about it. Having the Makerslides here is nice but without the wheels and carriages it is frustrating. :D

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