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LaserCAD Database Feature Request

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:40 pm
by iGull
Just wondering whether this should be here or across on the LO forum ?

Anyway, I'd really like a database built in to the software - a bit like my Step-Four cnc setup. The Step Four system has a database that hold materials, thickness, tool, speeds 'n feeds etc - plus some notes.
The DSP database would need essentially the same - material, thickness, notes and for each colour layer - mode, speed, power, corner power, PPI.
When you import your file to LaserCAD, all you need do is choose the material and thickness from a popup menu and the system does the rest. Obviously, there is always some tweaking to be done on the fly dependent upon material, but that can be easily done knowing the basic parameters - they can then be saved back to the database. None of this is rocket science, and would be an extremely useful feature.

I currently have a Filemaker database that I lashed up to do the above, but it's mandraulic in that you still have to copy the values across to LaserCAD.