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Postby r691175002 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:32 am

One thing to keep in mind, is that even if your alignment isn't good enough you can just use the corner of the table closest to the laser. Since the beam won't be travelling as far the error will be a lot less. For cosmetic work you might not care if the beam is off by a few thou or hundredths. The issue can be a real PITA when interlocking parts don't fit though.

Largest epilog (flying optics) laser is 36x24".

I doubt lasersaur gave the issue any thought but if you do the math, with the tube strapped to the back extrusion you will have a real issue with the enclosure basically moving all over the place if the tube heats up (which may or may not be a problem, I've never touched the tube after a job).

The lasersaur project has made some decision that I find a little weird. Their build looks high quality with good parts but they use acrylic for the structural components? Even on my 1.0 build at high accelerations naturally the machine will flex a few thou and its measurable in the final cuts.

And they want to control it with an arduino that in all likelihood doesn't have the processing power to do proper acceleration lookahead? You can't cut a square at 300IPM the naive way. I'm pretty sure the 16MHz of an arduino isn't even fast enough to do 8 bit PWM at rastering speeds. There is a reason every single laser controller ever made uses a 32 bit microcontroller.
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