Marlin firmware configuration?

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Marlin firmware configuration?

Postby Garrett » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:40 pm

Hello everyone. I've been a long-time creeper following through this and many other forums and resources, but I am having an issue that I can't quite solve.

I have a nice, fully functioning single extruder Ord Bot Hadron that prints perfectly, but I am building a second dual extruder Ord Bot Hadron.
I bought the mechanical kit with steppers online and also got a SainSmart Arduino Mega 2560 r3, RAMPS 1.4, and LCD interface (

I have everything installed and wired, but I am having issues with the firmware. I have also adjusted the drivers to .4 volts on the pots.

I have done a lot of arduino projects with some fairly advanced features, so I am not new to the microcontroller scene, but I am subject to making mistakes and human error.

When I load this test code into the arduino (with everything attached) It runs fine. All axis's move at the right sequence and no stutter.
Code: Select all
#define X_STEP_PIN             54
#define X_DIR_PIN                55
#define X_ENABLE_PIN       38

#define Y_STEP_PIN             60
#define Y_DIR_PIN                61
#define Y_ENABLE_PIN       56

#define Z_STEP_PIN            46
#define Z_DIR_PIN               48
#define Z_ENABLE_PIN       62

#define E0_STEP_PIN          26
#define E0_DIR_PIN            28
#define E0_ENABLE_PIN   24

#define E1_STEP_PIN         36
#define E1_DIR_PIN            34
#define E1_ENABLE_PIN   30

void setup() {
  pinMode(X_STEP_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(X_DIR_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Y_STEP_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Y_DIR_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Z_STEP_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Z_DIR_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(E0_STEP_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(E0_DIR_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(E1_STEP_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(E1_DIR_PIN, OUTPUT);


void step(int stepperPin, int steps, int dirPin, boolean dir){
  for(int i=0;i<steps;i++){
    digitalWrite(stepperPin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(stepperPin, LOW);

void loop()

   digitalWrite(X_ENABLE_PIN, LOW );
  digitalWrite(Y_ENABLE_PIN, LOW );
  digitalWrite(Z_ENABLE_PIN, LOW );
  digitalWrite(E0_ENABLE_PIN, LOW );
  digitalWrite(E1_ENABLE_PIN, LOW ); 

  step(X_STEP_PIN, 200, X_DIR_PIN, true);
  step(Y_STEP_PIN, 200, Y_DIR_PIN, true);
  step(Z_STEP_PIN, 200, Z_DIR_PIN, true);
  step(E0_STEP_PIN, 200, E0_DIR_PIN, true); 
  step(E1_STEP_PIN, 200, E1_DIR_PIN, true); 
  step(X_STEP_PIN, 200, X_DIR_PIN, false);
  step(Y_STEP_PIN, 200, Y_DIR_PIN, false); 
  step(Z_STEP_PIN, 200, Z_DIR_PIN, false); 
  step(E0_STEP_PIN, 200, E0_DIR_PIN, false);
  step(E1_STEP_PIN, 200, E1_DIR_PIN, false);

All seems well.

The problem is when I load any Marlin firmware.

When I do, I am sure to modify the config.h to reflect 34 (RAMPS 1.4 with dual extruders) for the motherboard type and I set the number of extruders to 2.

Everything seems to compile and load just fine, but when I try to slew any axis it stutters and makes noise as if the steppers were miswired.

I checked my pins.h under the 33 / 34 RAMPS 1.4 section to make sure the pin numbers match those in the test code listed above.

I had purchased my other Ord Bot from, so I thought I would also try their firmware (modified as listed above) to match my new printer.

The LCD interface works well (stepping through menus, etc), but again, when I try to manually move any axis, the respective stepper(s) stutter.

I'm using Repetier-Host to interface with the printer, which seems to communicate just fine, but I still have the issues with the movement.
Additionally, when I try to manually turn on the extruder heaters and/or the heated bed, it acts like it turned them on, but there is no voltage going to them. Incidentally, the thermistors seem to read properly in the software and on the LCD.

I was thinking that I may have an issue with the arduino or the RAMPS, but since the test code moves everything just fine, I am more inclined to believe I have not configured the firmware properly.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Marlin firmware configuration?

Postby Garrett » Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:39 am

I found the issue...

I did not have jumpers on the headers under the drivers.

I ran to Fry's and picked some up, installed them and the problem was solved.

Stepper Driver Boards
Jumpers need to be installed under each stepper driver:
jumper Yes/No step size
1 2 3
no no no full step
yes no no half step
no yes no 1/4 step
yes yes no 1/8 step
yes yes yes 1/16 step
For now the default is 1/16 micro stepping (all jumpers installed under drivers)
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