Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

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Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby Atreidae » Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:25 am

Hey Guys.
Id figure I'd start off with an intro and go from there.

I'm James, I've been following 3D printing since the CupCake 3d printer from Makerbot (and potentially some repraps on youtube) back when heated build plates didnt exist and warping was "the norm"
I was so excited by the idea of building the 3d printer kit myself I actually watched a guy build a cupcake from the ground up on YouTube (yes, even with all those bolts)

Anyway, since watching those videos I had been trying to source a printer for quite some time. Starting with the original Prusa, Moving on to the Orca (whatever happened to that?) The MendelMax and Finally settled on NopHed's Mendel90

NopHed was fantastic for communication, answering all my questions and being quite supportive of the purchase, I ended up ordering filament though Diamond Age before ordering the Printer. Then at the last minute our washing machine decided it wanted to try a combination between exploding and breakdancing every time it was used and thus the project went on hold.

Here I am almost a year later. The Australian dollar as devalued heavily against the UK pound and estimated shipping costs, conversion and then finally GST (as its over 1,000) push the unit into the 1,200 AUD range

Whilst looking for solutions or Australian resellers of the Mendel90 I came across the Hardon and this excited me greatly.

I ended up running a GoFundMe campaign for my 30th birthday to try and help me raise the funds to get my printer off the ground. As I said to everyone, Dont give me a $20 bunnings voucher (hardware store) throw $20 into the Printer.

The Campaign helped out alot and it also stuck the motivation under my backside to stick my own funds wherever I could afford into the kitty to get that printer sooner.

Anyway, Friday morning (at like 1AM when some payments came through) I ordered my Hadron from Robotronics.

In the kit I ordered.

A Hadron in Blue
A MK2B 12/24v Aluminium Heatbed in Black
A Cable set
A Bulldog XL w/Merlin Hotend for 3mm filament

The kit arrived on Wednesday morning (pretty quick considering I'm in South East Melbourne and Robotronics is in Townsville)

I've done a quick unboxing here for those interested.

The build so far has been pretty straight forward. I have been videoing most of it with a timelapse as well so hopefully some good stuff to go back on.

The Robotronics instructions run out after you mount the limit switches, but thats no big deal.
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Re: Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby blah_59 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:46 am

Great to hear you're getting off the ground and welcome.
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Re: Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby Atreidae » Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:05 am

So I may haIe gotten a little excited last night.

After picking up some bits to finalise the install and ironically having to install an ink jet for my mother in law. I started on heated build plate. After testing and mocking up some polystyrene sheets and finding a suitable thickness unit I've installed the sheet as a spacer between the Y carriage and the HBP.

The theory here was that the spacer applies a constant even pressure on the HBP to make Z alignment.

I will say.. Soldering the 3mm thick ALU HBP can be tricky. Even with a proper soldering station maxed out, the thermal mass in the HBP can refreeze the solder faster than you can tin the pads. Let alone solder some decent gauge wire to it..

Anyway after I shot some footage of how the bulldog XL mounts with the cooler etc I be worked on he wing the wiring done properly. Tore down an ATX PSU and removed all the useless wiring.

Of course. After I soldered ps-on to ground I find out Marlin can control the PSU. Lucky this PSU has dual 12v thanks to high end graphics card so it runs the HBP off another 15A channel.. So might upgrade it later to be fully controlled by the rumba.

I've re flashed the rumba with marlin and started messing about with calibration. Leveled out the bed and adjusted end stops.

Got the extruder working as expected and brought everything up to temp... No fire was a good sign

Unfortunately when calibrating the z end stop I can't get it right. I either don't adhere at all or I gouge a huge line in the aluminium.

Anyway. I got so caught up in it last night that whilst I'm trying z offset values (which I don't think in doing right) I notice the sun coming up.
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Re: Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby blah_59 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:14 pm

Ok, a quick tip on Z calibration:

Before worrying about the end-stop, make sure the gantry is level to the bed on both Z motors. You do this by getting the tip of the nozzle close to the bed and then, manually by hand, push the carriage left and right while observing the height of the nozzle from the bed. You want it stay an even distance from the bed the entire distance you push it. If it moves up or down slightly, manually turn the coupler on one of the Z motors. While doing this, alternate turning one motor in one direction and the other motor in the other direction to even them out. After you can push the carriage back and forth from left to right with an even spacing between the bed and nozzle, try front to back. Start on either the right or left side and then, by hand, move the bed front and back to see if the nozzle stays even. If not, then you need to adjust it mechanically. Unfortunately I don't have an easy fix like the right/left leveling. I've found the easiest way is to use shims with folded paper, the thinness of paper can get you pretty good results until you can get your printer working. After the printer is working, you can create custom mounts that are right for your setup. When you're done with the right or left, do the other side.

After the "by hand" method has verified your carriage movement is level to your bed, then you can adjust the Z end stop a lot easier.
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Re: Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby Atreidae » Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:58 am

Well after reading a few guides around the place (sorry, I didnt see your post till too late) I got a successful print.

I've stuck the printer in the car ready to goto the CCHS hackerspace tonight.. completely out of level. Argh

Anyway I'm thinking of moving to automatic bed leveling as I'm printing directly onto the 3mm Alu heated build plate.. with the nozzle being metal it could be used as a probe.
I could pass 5V into the Alu side of the HBP, then simply solder a tag to the heater block to run back to one of the pins on the RUMBA board.

This of course would become useless if I move to a glass plate.


Also apologies if the english is terrible in my last post.. written on my mobile :)
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Re: Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby Atreidae » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:46 am

Figured I'd post an update again for those interested.

Anyway, ive been progressing steadily with the unit.

Still having alot of issues leveling the bed. I've abandoned the polystyrene as i think its making my life hard.

Anyway when I get the bed level it prints great.. sticking to the bare alu was getting a wee bit hard so I've added some Kapton.
I've also ordered some wider stuff to make my life easier.

I've successfully doubled all the print speeds from their defaults with no ill effects at this stage. I have however brought back the Top layer speed as at higher speeds the honeycomb becomes apparent

Marlin is a fickle beast.. sometimes it will compile.. sometimes it wont.. ARGH
Anyway, Ive started on the upgrades like a handle. Electronics mount, Spool holder among others.

One of the guys at work is so pleased with how well I have my unit prepped now that he has just asked me to build one. So I'll be ordering another kit from Robotronics shortly

I'll shoot some better footage of this build so Others can actually use it as a guide.

Right now alot of the time messing about is getting things fine tuned and adjusting for all the different filaments I have.
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Re: Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby blah_59 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:12 pm

That's great to hear. I usually slow down for top solid infill as well. And generally use 2-3 layers of solid infill on top to get a smooth finish.
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Re: Oh no, Another noob Hadron Build

Postby Merfman » Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:15 pm

Nice work! Thanks for the update!
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