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Re: Where did everyone go?

Postby jammer » Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:55 am

dave3d wrote:jammer,

just an idea to get things moving again on here, why don't we choose one specific modification each of us has done and post details, with pics if possible. Can I suggest you start with your enclosure and outline some of the issues involved?


Great idea. I will get it going and post some pics as I get it going. On going though other forums I have read that that has been some great success at keeping the enclosure at about 70° C. With this in mind I will build it out of 3/4" baltic birch and line it with 1/4" foil insulation board. I will experiment with the heat from the heated bed keeping it warm enough. I am planning on mounting an internal temp sensors with and external display on the lid that is hinged in the rear. Planning on using gas filled lifts to hold the lid in the up position when lifted. The one issue I am anticipating but haven't figured out how I am going to handle it will be keeping the motors cool. Ideas would be appreciated. Also planning on having a clear plexiglass window on the front of the lid.

If the heated bed won't keep it warm enough, I have though of using an inexpensive digital thermostat connected to a relay powering an inexpensive power supply on a different circuit so that it doesn't introduce "noise" in the electrical line when it kicks on. I will post some of my drawings in the next few days in sketchup format to get some feedback. I will be making it deep enough so that I can mount an 8x12" heated bed and associated longer belt and extrusion.

It would nice to get this forum a little active again!!

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Re: Where did everyone go?

Postby r691175002 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:05 am

I've been designing this printer for over six months now and slowly accumulating parts.


I've got around 2,000$ in parts so this project will be underway as soon as I am confident the CAD is complete and send the sheet metal out for fabrication.

Its most unique aspect is the provision for three direct drive extruders, two of which are on independent z actuators. To compensate for the increased weight, the design is enormously more rigid than a typical 3d printer. I would characterize it as a belt driven router.

The frame is 6040 extrusion with linear rail. It uses an H-Bot belt path actuated by 220oz/in closed loop stepper motors. The z-axis motion is provided by a C3 ballscrew. It has a heated chamber as well.

Travel is ~26"x15"x12" . The volume reachable by all three extruders is 20"x15"x12". I have a lot of experience aligning mills and routers so this will be done properly.
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