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Help diagnosing what it causeing this

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:51 pm
by cdl1701
here over the past few weeks this has been getting worse and worse to the point now where I cannot even come close to getting a few minutes into a print. I have tried multiple extruders from ones with MK8 gears to this one in the picture. They both either do this or strip the filament to the point where it will not push it through.
I have tried cleaning the nozzle to putting a new nozzle on.
I have tried adjusting the starting height from the bed.
I have tried adjusting the E-steps/mm.
I have tried speeding the machine up and slowing it down.

Re: Help diagnosing what it causeing this

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:31 pm
by rsm5178
I've had some issues with impurities in the filament clogging the nozzle. I use these to clean it. ... zzle+drill

You may have gotten a bad batch of filament.


Re: Help diagnosing what it causeing this

PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:04 pm
by bryanbdp
Soft filaments or flex filaments often have that problem.
The recommendations I have seen recommend going VERY slow, and reducing feed roller tension a lot.
I would try some different filament.

Re: Help diagnosing what it causeing this

PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:14 pm
by fulg
It's a bit late for a reply, but for the benefit of others... I recently printed some NinjaFlex with my ORDBot (with an EZStruder + E3D V6) and ran into a similar issue. The problem is clearly visible in your photo: the filament is not supported at all after exiting the hobbed bolt and before entering the hotend/bowden tube, so it will buckle while printing. I had to modify my EZStruder bracket to fix this and support the filament from all the way up, and eliminate any air gaps or snags (which are not an issue with hard filament).

You have to go really slow for flexible filament, around 20 or 30mm/s at best. Similarly, the filament speed has to be uniform for all operations: do not slow down while printing the first layer, do not print the external outline slower, do not print the infill faster, do not retract faster than your print speed.

With these tips I get great prints from my NinjaFlex filament. Hopefully you also sorted it out by now!