were to start ? few questions rebuilding Fullspectrum laser

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were to start ? few questions rebuilding Fullspectrum laser

Postby vincenttor » Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:59 pm

Hi all,

I am Vincent and been reading topics on the forum allot but sometimes my english doesnt reach enough.
(I am from the Neterlands btw.)

I am using a 40W laser from Fullspectrum but the cutting area is a little bit to small :roll:
What i wanted to do is make the area bigger and use the retinaengrave card, it is working actually pretty good and easy thats why i would like to keep that card.

Now i have a few questions maybe some of you know the answer or how it would be better.

First of all, i like to use these rails for the X and Y axis


Want to make a 1200mm x 700 / 900 mm ( not sure if i do 900)
Now this looks allot more heavy to me then the old system made by aluminum profiles,
Should i upgrade the steppers then, i think they are using nema 17 standard but not sure about this will make some details pics and measurements the coming weekend.
Is it actually possible to upgrade, i would still like to stay using the engraving option and vectorcut, there is a XML config file in the program included were i can change some settings.
Code: Select all

What would be the best way to make the rail and laserhead/lens move ?
I was pointed to this movie that it would be one of the better ways to make it moving, less tension / slack ?

Or can i better use another option ?

There is a problem if i want to power the rails like this because i need 2 steppers for the Y axis and the original controller only has 1 stepper and no more ports to connect,
could i connect 2 the same steppers on 1 connection port or would this fry the card because of the double power consumption ?

Another thing i was wondering, if i do not use the above way to make it all movable and use for example this option:
Would there not come backlash because of stretching belts ?

Sorry for all these questions but this is a bit that i want to get sorted before i start buying the stuff.
Thanks for your time
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Re: were to start ? few questions rebuilding Fullspectrum la

Postby vincenttor » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:30 am

finally some time off,
so many viewers and no one has an idea?
well i gues more luck next time then.

think i just start to build and see what happens.
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