CNC Laser plotting for plywood shapes - Is it feasible

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CNC Laser plotting for plywood shapes - Is it feasible

Postby andrewhg » Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:55 am

Just Recently I have been entertaining the Idea of building a Catamaran using the fibreglass over plywood construction method. I am trying to come up with ways to save money on construction costs and thought that a CNC laser plotting machine which drew out part shapes on the plywood could save me a lot of time(time=money) and would make the most efficient use of expensive marine plywood. The machine could also be used to plot shapes on the fibreglass and sail fabric. Once marked, these materials can be cut out using traditional methods.
So with that in mind, is it possible to build a cnc laser plotting tool capable of scribing full size sheets of plywood for a reasonable cost, say 800usd. Could It be produced for less?
Would a cheap laser such as this be suitable for scribing wood and other materials. ... 3062wt_905 ? Which laser would be more appropriate?
Is it correct that for a plotter, a Z axis is not required?
Would the machine need to be encclosed for safety?
Does anyone have experience ordering parts from Misumi and getting them sent to New Zealand?

Note: I don't think that a CNC routing machine is feasible because a rig large enough to cut out parts from full size pieces of plywood is likely to cost many thousands of dollars even if it is home built.
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