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Postby steppenshoe » Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:24 pm

Here is one card I know that at least 3 people I know have used with Mach 3. Very inexpensive. ... 6815166007

I have a list of several PP cards that have been tested and work, as soon as I find it I will toss it in this post.

This is the one I have used and know it works, it's more expense, but it has been tested thoroughly by PMDX. Plus, its a dual parallel port card.:

PMDX will actually return email questions and help you get it working as well, most places know nothing about Mach3. I love PMDX. I find it worth the few bucks extra for their stuff because of all the questions they answer and help they give and have given me in the past.

One answer on PP cards from PMDX:

The parallel port driver in Mach3 only functions
in 32 bit mode, so as a CNC interface under Mach3,
it cannot be used in a 64 bit Windows environment.

The normal Windows 7 driver should support operation
as a printer device, but that is of little use for
our purposes.

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