Any thoughts on keling cnc4pc C35 parallel port breakout ?

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Any thoughts on keling cnc4pc C35 parallel port breakout ?

Postby educa » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:50 pm


I am currently experimenting with EMC and stepper drivers

These steppers look a lot like the KELING drivers and I can easily connect a few pins by soldering wires from parallel cable to wires going to the driver, but thats very bad practice.
Also, I read that there are a lot of possibilities to get noise on signals in a lasercutter.

So.... I'm looking to put a DB25 parallel port breakout in between my pc and the drivers.

Does anyone have an opinion about these: ?

I find them interesting because you connect the stepper drivers over standard twisted pair RJ45 ethernet cable, so I think that shields nicely. Also I think the laser PSU can also be connected over RJ45, so it looks promising, but maybe I am wrong and these are totally not suitable for the project?

Other board I am looking at is ... ucts_id=45 and

Hope somebody can help me out a little with this, since I would like to be sure I eliminate as much noise as possible.

Kind regards,
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