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Re: DAZ Studio Free Software

Postby lasersafe1 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:46 am

I looked at that before when I was researching 3D for potential use for creating heightmaps for engraving 3D. After going to many of the links, it appears that the main software is always free and the "add ons" are where they make their money. Seems like they draw in "lonely" men who want to make and pose their own "dream girl". When the free software doesn't have the hair or clothes or other dubious accessories that the guy wants to have his girl wear, he can purchase add-on packs. Believe me, there are some real artists out there using this, but there are some seriously perverted users as well. If you follow the links and forums far enough, you will see what I mean. It is kind of interesting to think that this software can generate so realistic human figures. I think the software behind it was based on blender, which is also free of course. Check out youtube Big Buck Bunny made entirely with blender.

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Re: DAZ Studio Free Software

Postby RSWeaverAz » Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:19 am

Just checked the site, now they are calling it "March Madness".
Same 3 items listed as "Free",
51 "Free" items are available to download, mostly anime and game figure design related.

OK, so how hard do you have to work for this "Free" stuff?
Created Daz3d account using my "junk email" address.
got a email response and activated account.
refreshed the home page and hit download.
selected Hexagon 2.5
asked me to log in again.
Note: Downloads & Serial Numbers available from users "Account Dashboard".
also received email with serial number activation code,
and a 30 day 30% off coupon.

Mac & PC versions available, Version 2.5 last PC update was 2011-12-13

virus & malware scan on installer, no problems reported.

Installed Hexagon 2.5,
the application & activation window pops up.
copy & paste serial number from the Daz3d serial number email.
Note the application doesn't confirm the was accepted, however it didn't come back with an error either.

Ok, so now i have YADP (yet another drawing program)

background MalwareBytes scan running

looking at Tutorial & Documentation

Import function includes DXF, tried opening Quantum ORD Bot : ord_bot_parts_01.dxf dated 2/12/2012 ...
Open file dialog box includes scale factor 0.1, units (none) and x/y/z settings left in default, comes back with an read file error.

I'll play around with this some more but posting on this is over
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