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2.x Gantry Assembly (MakerSlide Style)

Use this drawing for all hardware references.

  • Tap Extrusion. Tap the 2 holes on each end of the extrusion with a M5 x 0.8mm thread. Tap at least 8mm deep. Add a small counter sink at the entrance to the holes to remove burrs that may have been formed. Note: If you only have English taps, you can use a #10-24 instead. Be sure to use #10-24 screws later.
  • Orient Extrusion. Place the extrusion on a flat surface with the V rail facing up and the un-slotted edge facing forward.
  • Install the carriage. Slide the lens carriage onto the extrusion with the 2 wheel side facing forward. The carriage should move smoothly and freely on the gantry with no play. If the carriage is tight no matter where the eccentric nut is oriented, loosen the forward v wheels to allow them to move as far forward as possible. Adjust the eccentric nut and fully tighten the screws. Recheck the movement because tightening can often change the fit.
  • Insert T-Nuts. Install 2 t-nuts in the rear slot for the idler bracket and 2 t-nuts in the bottom rear slot for the limit switch bracket.
  • Install Upper V Wheels. Install the 2 upper V wheel per gantry end plate. Try to bias the screws towards the top side of the holes. The lower wheels are not installed until the gantry is installed in the frame.
  • Install End Plates. Install end plates until they are almost tight. Use a flat surface to make sure the plates are square. Also, make sure the extrusion is level, front to back. Fully tighten the plates.
  • Install the motor. bolt the motor to the right end plate as shown on the assembly drawing.
  • Install the motor pulley. Align the center of the teeth with the cuts for the belt in lens carriage.
  • Install X Limit Switch. On gantry
  • Wire Limit Switch. Check it
  • Dress The Wires. The wires should be run back to the right gantry inside the t-slot. You can use Misumi slot covers or craft foam work well too.
  • Install Y Axis Limit Switch
  • Wire Switch. Check it
  • Install Idler Bracket. Loosely attach it near the left end plate. It will slide towards the left to tension the belt so some tensioning room needs to be left.
  • Attach Belt. Cut a piece of belt about 60” long. Attached one end of the belt to the left side of the lens carriage. Do not over tighten it. The teeth will keep it from moving and over tightening could cut the belt. Run the belt around the motor pulley over the top of the lens carriage around the idler wheel and back to the lens carriage. Once you determine the mounting point you can loosen the belt by sliding the idler assembly towards the lens carriage. Attach the belt to the carriage. Do not trim the belt yet.
  • Tension Belt. Tension the belt by moving the idler pulley assembly. You want about 4.6lbs of tension on the belt. You may need to adjust the belt in the carriage if you do not like the final position of the idler.
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