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2x:2.x_laser 2.x Laser DIY Laser


The 2.x laser is a second generation DIY open source laser cutter engraver. The name comes from the fact that this is the second generation machine and it is basically a 2 axis design. The third, vertical axis, is manually controlled with an optional upgrade to digital control. The 2.x Laser takes all the optimizations learned from the first laser and all the other lasers documented on forum. The quality of the laser exceeds most Chinese eBay lasers. In fact many people have used those lasers as donor machines to build a 2.x laser.

Kits Page

Where is the full kit?

Click here for the Design in STEP Format

The laser is fully open source with all drawings, bills of material and sources of supply very well documented. About 40-50 lasers have already been built. Some are even the basis for successful home businesses now. There is more information on the original blog post about this.

Sources For Parts

Kits From

While the design is documented well enough to build it completely by yourself, many people do not have the the necessary fabrication tools and/or skills to do it themselves. Also buying in small quantities from multiple sources can add up quickly. To help people out, offers kits for various areas. The kits are broken down into functional areas so people can still fabricate or procure some items on their own.

Kits Page

There is no complete kit and there is no discount when buying multiple kits, so there is no need for me to “quote you” a price. The price on the kits page is correct. I can give a rough idea of shipping if you tell me what you plan to order and what the address is.

The skins and windows kit ship by themselves in a special wooden framed create. So they always ship separately. The completed crate is only about 1 inch thick, so you cannot add anything to that order, not even screws. The skin/window shipping weight is about 23 lbs. I do not like to ship them internationally.



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