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2.x Electronics Module Assembly

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The electronics module is designed to allow you to do a lot of assembly outside the laser enclosure. This will make it a lot easier to assembly some of the items.

Due to the many control schemes, there are many ways to assembly this and a lot of it is left up to the end user. There are several schematics available to help you out and we can also add more if you need them.


The base plate has gone through several iterations. The current iteration is just a large as practical plate with lots of mounting holes. There are also provisions to mount the back plate. The material is particle board so it should be easy to add any mounting holes you need.

E Stop Switch

The run position of an e-stop is with the switch pulled up. You get it to go up by rotating the switch button. I will call that the normal position. You want a fail safe circuit, so you want a normally closed switch. This means if the cable ever gets cut it is most likely to open the circuit and stop the laser. This e stop has two switches on it. The switch next to the red plate is the normally closed switch. The green one is normally open and is not used unless you want to use it to inform software about the E-Stop.

Power Entry Module

The power entry module has an optional fuse, but I do not recommend using it. Wire over the fuse to the switch. Wire the switch as shown in the picture below. Wire line and neutral from the power input to the two lower lugs on the switch. Wire the line and neutral that goes to the terminal blocks to the two upper lugs. Use a cable tie to hold all the wires together. That gives added support to the wires and prevents them from bending. I recommend 14AWG solid copper wire for all AC wiring.


This whole power entry is live whenever the cord is attached, regardless of the switch position. Do not touch anything on the back of the module when power is attached. Using heatshrink tubing over the terminals can help.

Rear Panel

The rear panel has gone through several iterations as new control methods are integrated. The current rear panel looks like this.

Here is the drawing

The power comes in via a power entry module that incorporates a switch and connector.

Available at Allied Elec

The large 'D' connector and (3) round holes are for use with the 3 Axis Laser Interface PCB

The (2) features in the middle of the panels are for panel mount USB coables.

The (2) features in the upper right are for power outlets for external items light assist air or exhaust blowers.

Availble several places including Allied Elec

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