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ORD Bot Wiring

One feature that everyone likes about the ORD Bot is the ability to hide the wires. You can use the hollows in the extrusion to run the wires. The drawback is, it adds a couple hours to the assembly time and requires some additional planning to the job. It also is a lot less serviceable if you plan to make changes along the way.

You will need to drill a few holes in the extrusions. Most of these don't need to be very accurate because they are hidden. The only two exposed are for the spring ends. There are dimensions on page 2 of the top level assembly drawings (Quantum, Hadron).


  • Wire the Z motors together before running the wires up to the controller. This reduces the wire count by 4. Be sure to test the rotation direction before getting too far because it would be difficult to fix later.
  • I put connectors at each end of the wires so they could be removed without having to unthread the wires.
  • I found it easiest to use extra long wires so there was a lot protruding from at each so I did not have to worry about getting the lengths cut exactly right before i started.
  • I used Molex Micro fit connectors at the motors and extruder. This is the type of connector the MakerGear Stepper plastruder ships with. They are quite cheap and relatively easy to crimp using long nose pliers.
  • Springs - A good way to clean up the wiring is to run them inside springs. It hides the wires and prevents them from getting caught on any moving parts. A good spring to use is McMaster p/n 9664K17 (or equiv)
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