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ORD Bot Frequently Asked Questions

What is the build area?

Quantum. - The platform is about 130mm x 130mm (~5.1 in. x ~5.1 in.). The platform is drilled for the MakerBot cupcake heated platform.

Hadron - The platform is approximately 216mm x 216mm (~8.5 in. x ~8.5 in.). The platform is drilled to use the standard MK1/MK2 heated build platform.

Can you go bigger?

The design is very scalable, but you are on your own. Larger kits will not be sold nor will kits be sold without the parts that are typically scaled like the MakerSlide.

Do the kits include motors?

Quantum includes (4) NEMA14 1 amp motors.

Hadron includes (4) NEMA17 1.6 amp motors.

What is the shipping cost and do you ship internationally.

The units will ship in US Post office priority mail flat rate boxes. The cost in the US will be about $15 and the cost internationally will be about $60. Shipping to Canada is about $45.

For the initial shipments, the ORD Bot will ship alone in a special box. I cannot combine it with other items. It will just slow down the whole system for everyone right now. The units may or may not ship from Makerslide central headquarters,so combining may not even be possible. A 3rd party(s) may help me ship them. Multiple Bots will probably require multiple shipping costs.

I pre-ordered one. Where am I in the queue?

This page shows the position by order number. As they are shipped, the order will be removed from the list.

Can I customize my kit. I already have part X

The kits for the first 100 units will ship complete. There are no exceptions. I will have help doing this and won't be in control of every order.

Can I just plug this into my computer and print.

The ORD Bot currently is just a mechatronics platform for a 3D printer. That means it provides the 3 axis motion. You still need to add the electronics yourself. If you don't understand what this means, the ORD Bot is probably not for you.

Before the ORD Bot ships, several options for doing this will be detailed, but you still need to be very comfortable with mechanical and electrical assembly.

There may be turn key solutions in the future, but those are months away.

Where are the source files and BOM?

The BOM is here.

There are links in the BOM to many drawings and sources of supply. Th top level STEP files are here. They contain individual STEP files for all parts too.

The native format is Pro/E. It is more difficult to maintain online version of that and they can be supplied by special request.

Can I print from Google Sketchup?

You can not print directly from Google Sketchup, however, parts designed on Sketchup can be printed on 3D printers once they are saved as STL files.

The controller and software is not included with the ORD Bot kits, but the answer is yes you can print things designed on Sketchup. The 3D printer software used prints from STL files. There are plugins available to export from Sketchup to STL files here.

Why are my wheels binding or running roughly

This is usually caused by forgetting to install the shim washer. Disassemble the wheel and check for it.

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