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The ORD Bot


The ORD Bot is a 3D printer mechanical platform. It provides a scalable, rigid and square 3 axis platform to build a 3D printer. It does not include the other parts needed for a 3D printer, like the electronics, extrusion head or heated build surface. There are a lot of existing solutions for those items.

The ORD Bot uses MakerSlide extrusions for the linear bearings and for most of the frame.

Where can I buy an ORD Bot



  • BOM - Quantum - The BOM is just for the mechatronics portion of the Quantum. Links to the individual CAD files are in the BOM. CAD files for the non fabricated items like motors and pulleys can be pulled from the main CAD file.
  • CAD Files- Quantum - This is the 3D model in STEP format. Any CAD system that can work with a design of this complexity can read this format.



Places to buy filament

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