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Where Can I Buy an ORD Bot?

Seller Royalty Status
RepRapDiscount Pays a great royalty
Fabbmatic Pays a royalty
Robottronics -
Other eBay No Royalties

The ORD Bot is an open source design, so anybody can make and sell ORD Bots. With that said, good players in the open source business pay royalties back to the designers. The general manifesto that good players follow is The Unspoken Rules of Open Source Hardware.

I spend a lot of time and money maintaining production quality documentation, paying for the web site and helping users build, tune and operate their ORD Bots. Buying from non-royalty paying sellers undermines open source designers and the sellers who do pay.

I am off the soap box now: There many other reasons you chose the seller you did. I will never withhold site membership, support or anything, regardless of where you bought your machine. It is non of my business and I will never ask.

Note: Most ORD Bot kits are mechanical platforms only. You will need add electronics, extruder and heated bed. Check the description where you buy it.

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