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QU-BD Modification Assembly Instructions

Clean Up Printed Parts

  • Make sure the screws run freely through the holes and lever can rotate with little resistance. Cleanup with drill bit as required
  • Lever has an overhang to clear the boss on the motor. The printing of this overhang can leave a rough surface with stray filament. Make sure it clears the boss. Clean up with a razor knife if required.
  • Make sure the filament runs freely through the guide hole. Clean up with drill bit as required.

Assemble Heater Block Assembly

  • Assemble the complete heater block.

Place Drive Gear On Shaft

  • Loosely attach the gear on the shaft. The height of the groove will be adjusted later.

Install Fan, Heatsink & Heater Block to Motor.

  • Attach with (2) lower screws only.
  • Adjust the drive gear to align with with feed tube and fully tighten.

Install Spring Block.

  • Install with screw. Fully Tighten
  • Boss on block should point towards the top of the motor (lever side).

Assemble Lever.

  • Place flat washer on hole.
  • Place bearing on washer.
  • Tighten screw until bearing is snug. Do not over tighten or you will strip the plastic. The screw will be taping its own threads. Make sure it it going in straight. Try to use a regular Allen wrench and not a ball end one to help keep it vertical. There is no need to make the screw very tight. It cannot back out when installed.
  • Check to see that the bearing rotates.

Install Lever.

  • Spring is compressed while installing the lever.
  • It helps to have the screw through the fan and heatsink and ready to push through the lever.
  • Push it through the lever.
  • Push on the lever so the screw will hit the hole in the motor.
  • Tighten the screw until just before it starts to causes the lever to resist rotating.

Installing Filament

If you can see the filament from the side of the extruder it helps to see it go into the feed tube, but with practice you can get the feel and do it blindly.

  • Manually straighten about 150mm of the end of the filament. It usually has a curve from the spool.
  • Feed it through the hole in the lever.
  • Push the lever and slide the filament past the drive gear.
  • Tap the end of the filament around until you feel it go into the feed tube.
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