Android Mach3 Remote Control

Android Mach3 Remote

My latest phone is an Android HTC Incredible.  I really love what I can do with it.  I have had it for about 6 weeks and have been dying to write a program for it.  It is programmed in Java and I know Java quite well, so I knew it would not be a big deal.   I just needed an idea.

On my router I use a Shuttle Pro to remotely control Mach3.  I love the ability to jog the machine and zero the axes remotely.  I don’t have anything like this on my Mach3 controlled laser yet and have been toying with the options like another Shuttle Pro or a Xbox Controller.  Then it hit me, my phone would be perfect.

Shuttle Pro

I started a demo project just to rough out the concept.  I just picked a few select elements to try and am forcing myself to not invest any time on the look and feel yet.  I worked out a simple TCP/IP protocol and have made rough Mach3 simulator.  I  want to make sure this works before investing the time in the actual Mach3 plugin.

The DRO’s track with Mach3 whenever the axes are moving.  You can also click on any DRO to set its value.  Click on the axis label button next to the axis and the slider bar below works as a variable speed jog wheel.  Pull it to either side of center and it jogs at a speed proportional to the distance from center.  Lift your finger and the slider centers and jogging stops.

Right now the app connects to Mach3 via an Ethernet Address.  In theory, you could do it via many ways, but the intended method is through a WiFi connection.    While you are jogging the connection is continuously verified.  If it is lost the jogging will stop.  This is also true if the app drops out of the forground.  If Mach3 is running a program or idle, you can stop, restart use other apps and it has not effect.

Notification: The program will notify you when the program has completed or it needs a tool change even when the phone is “off”…sort of like an email notification.

Comments Ideas, suggestions?

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9 Responses to “Android Mach3 Remote Control”

  1. Buildlog


    […] something about buildlog[…]…

  2. fc

    Is this downloadable yet? I’ve got a rooted android and I’d love to play with this. Blutooth would be a good way to go, too. My controller isn’t internet’d and doesn’t have wifi.

  3. bdring

    Not yet. I have been working on other stuff for a while.

  4. manuel

    where download remote mach3

  5. hamid

    Android Mach3 Remote Control

  6. DiaLFonZo

    That exactly what i need.
    Any development. I could try on my tablet also if you want me to test?

  7. Marcus Wolschon

    so..2 years later. Any code we can look at?

  8. Mike

    I just came across this post while searching. The last date is 2010. Have you made any progress since? I just got the samsung galaxy note 2 and with the large screen this would be perfect.

  9. Stefano

    But how it’s made connect android e mach3 if the tcp port of mach is 502 and in android you cannot open the port with number less than 1024??? However good ob