D.I.Y. Selective Laser Sintering – Update

SLS Printer XY Stage

Update. Peter is still working on his SLS project.  He is experimenting with a new fully laser-cuttable x/y stage.  He is catching some flack for the ideas in some blog comment sections like hackaday.  Obviously there is some refinement needed for accuracy, backlash, etc, but I applaud his efforts.  I am sure some of his ideas will find their way into the final design and we will all benefit from it for this and other projects.

If he was just building a device for his own use, it would probably be easier and cheaper to use conventional materials, slides and gears, but he is clearing spending a lot of time to design something the budget conscious maker can afford.

Many people put similar questions to me on the design of the open source “self replicating” laser cutter.  I have redesigned and rebuilt constantly to lower the costs, tools and skills required to build it.  I swapped out very robust milled aluminum parts with laser cut Acrylic ones to prove they would work.

His most recent changes area aimed at removing the “shearing/binding issues” from the previous iteration.  He is using Kapton tape (Polyimide-film) to reduce friction and using a four gear contact point.

4 Gear Contact

Kapton Tape Friction Reduction

Kapton Tape Friction Reduction

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