DIY CO2 Laser – Using Exhaled Air!

DIY CO2 Laser

I saw this over at Hackaday.  Magx1 has created a homebuilt CO2 laser using air exhaled into a balloon as the gas source.  There is a great Flickr set and a video.

He explains a little bit about how it works in the video.  To fill in some blanks…a flowing gas electrical discharge plasma laser works like this:  Gas is pulled into a tube using a vacuum pump.  The gas has be to pulled down to a very low pressure before the air will start.  There is a bit of a balance done using a needle value to keep the pressure right on the sweet spot.

Most people buy premixed gas for flowing gas CO2 lasers.  It is a mix of gases that “cooperate” to produce the best beam.  I never suspected you could get a decent beam with such a rough gas mixture.

Very cool maxg1!

CO2 Laser Schematic

DIY Homemade Laser

DIY Homemade Laser

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