Invention Merit Badge

Invention Merit Badge

My son is a Boy Scout.  My neighbor and friend is one of the Scoutmasters.  He stopped by this week with a flyer for a brand new merit badge on inventing.  He thought I might get a little excited about.  He was right.

I work as a Mechanical Engineer, but when kids ask me what I do, just for fun, I often say that I am an Inventor.   Their reaction is a mix of amazement, curiosity and skepticism.  You don’t hear people refer to themselves as Inventors.  Is this an archaic term? Is this something bestowed posthumously?  I think I will try it on adults for a while to see their reaction.

The requirements for the badge are pretty ambitious.  Here is the short version of what you need to do.

  • Interview or research someone who has invented something.
  • Learn about Intellectual Property and Patents.
  • Find scout related inventions.
  • Learn about patent infringement.
  • Suggests improvements to scouting equipment.
  • Come up with your own invention, build a model and working prototype of it.

The only major beef I have with the merit badge is that is does not make any reference to open source work or alternative licensing options.

I am sure he will get started on it as soon as he returns from summer camp.

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  1. legimimop

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!