PVC – Update

Formufit - PVC fitting


I saw couple of thing on various blogs regarding PVC lately.  I think every general purpose maker has made something out of PVC at some point.  It has a lot of desirable qualities.  It is cheap, easy to find, and very easy to work with.  It is relatively strong and can hold a lot of pressure.  I have made a plastic bottle launcher, a paper rocket launcher and even a crude trebuchet for a scouting contest.

The first new PVC item I saw was these FORMUFIT PVC fittings.  They are aimed squarely at the maker side of PVC usage.  All of the parts are smooth, glossy, tapered, high quality parts without any of the annoying printing. labels or bumps.  Some of the nice features are interior detents so you have a consistent stop point so your project will come out square.  There are also slip tees.  The tee section on these are not a tight fit to the pipe so it creates hinge.  (This would have been real handy on the trebuchet).  The other part that fit in this category are the table cap (attaches legs to table), caster base and internal pipe coupling.

They also have pre-made Google Sketchup and MS Visio parts ready to design with.

PVC Table Cap

Formufit - PVC Table Cap

PVC Slip Tee

Formufit - PVC Slip Tee

PVC Fish Mouth

Formufit - PVC Fish Mouth

PVC Pipe Speakers

The second interesting item I saw over at the Make blog was these PVC speakers.   They are for sale of at Etsy or you can design your own with help help from the DIY Audio Project Forum.  appearently some of them sound quite good.  I would love to have a pair of these on my desk (if there was any room).

ikymagoo - PVC Pipe Speakers

DIY Audio Projects Forum - PVC Pipe Speakers

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