SawGear – Auto-Measuring Miter Saw

SawGear Miter Saw

I stumbled upon this while researching another post and thought this fit in with the “digital fabrication” theme of the blog.  This is an auto measuring miter saw.  What this means is you enter a dimension and a motorized stop moves out to the exact location for the cut.  It also correctly deals with angled cuts.  It works in decimal, factions, inch or metric.  It stores up to 10 cut dimensions.  See it at  Hook it up to a Cold Saw and it could be the ultimate extrusion cutting machine.  Unfortunately, it is pretty pricey at over $2000.

I have a nice 12″ cabinet table saw.  You can buy various after market fence options for it, but I thought you could make an awesome one  using linear bearings.  You could even rig it up with a lead screw and stepper motor.  I thought of some great features for it.  You could have it step in in regular increments for ripping sheet stock into strips.  You could have it step in in regular increments to score the back of some stock for bending.  You could have a feature where the fence would act as a measurement for the miter gauge.  It would move out of the way right before the cut.

Sawgear Keypad

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3 Responses to “SawGear – Auto-Measuring Miter Saw”

  1. tom phillips

    Very cool. I think a Tigerstop is about $6000, so I don’t think $2000 is THAT pricey. 🙂

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    Is Sewing a Dying Hobby?

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