Stepper Driver Arduino Shield


This is a (4) axis stepper driver Arduino shield that is perfect for use with GRBL (garble) and other Arduino applications.  The steppers drivers can be Pololu A4983, Pololu A4988 or open source StepStick drivers.  These drivers can run steppers motors at up to 30V and 2 amp per coil.  The resolution is jumper selectable per driver between full step,2x, 4x, 8x and 16x microstepping.  Soon there will be relay driver board that is pin compatible with the stepper drivers that could be used to control spindle motors and coolant devices.

The plug in drivers are a great low cost solution for low power CNC devices.  The drivers can easily be moved to other projects or replaced if they are damaged.


  • Screw terminal blocks for all stepper motor connections
  • Screw terminal block for the motor power supply.
  • Arduino reset button for easy access to reset the Arduino.
  • Jumpers for resolution selection.
  • Motor enable wired to an Arduino pin.  Default is set to enable motors.
  • Works with GRBL (see user guide for pin reassignments)

See this page for ordering the part


User Guide
Gerber Files (see this forum post)
Drawing (soon)

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46 Responses to “Stepper Driver Arduino Shield”

  1. James Connell

    Hi where can i purchase you shield and plugin drivers would you ship to the uk

  2. bdring

    Unfortunately the board is not lead free. All my other items are available lead free but this one.

    Sorry, no UK.

  3. Xavier GP

    ¿ Can I buy this shield ?

  4. bdring

    There are limited number of these. See this page for details.

  5. itod

    Is this shield also compatible with Arduino Mega or Arduino Uno only? Where can I purchase PCB or kit?

  6. bdring

    It should be compatible with the Mega, though not tested yet. You can purchasing information on this page.

    Send an email to bdring (at) if you want one.

  7. itod

    BTW, link to “User Guide” on the page you’ve mentioned is wrong, links to the parallel port version of the controller. One more question: Do you happen to know if this shield is compatible with the RepRap software? Thanks for your time.

  8. bdring


    Thanks…fixed the link.

    It is compatible GRBL if you change the pins per the user guide. Edward Ford has been using this shield and GRBL to run his ShapeOko.

    I do not know about RepRap, but I would think a similar pin reassignment work make it work.

  9. Jason

    Hi, is it still possible to order one of your controller shields or one of the kits? Thanks, Jason

  10. bdring

    I just got some new parts, but I need to find the time to kit them. Look for them on the store next week.

  11. Elizabeth

    This a somewhat silly question, but would you elaborate on how the terminal blocks are oriented on the board? I’ve been having trouble getting my motors to step properly and am wondering if I’ve been connecting the coils incorrectly.


  12. bdring

    The orientation is not important…coils go on adjacent terminals of the block.

  13. David

    Any way I could add my name to a waiting list for one of these shields? I just placed my order for a Shapoko and this is the way I’d like to go as I already have several Arduino boards around and will be ordering the Pololu drivers. Thanks.

  14. Jason

    Any updates on the availability of kits?


  15. Patrick

    Where can I purchase the Arduino Stepper Shield that is referenced on the Shapeoko site?

  16. Bryan

    Are these available? I’d like to purchase one.

  17. bdring

    I have the board but very no time to kit and ship them. I’ll see what I can do to get some ready for sale.

  18. bdring

    I have some shields kitted.

    Please send $25 each + $6.50 shipping to first come first serve…I have 9

  19. Jason

    Thanks, I just sent you funds for two via paypal.

  20. daveczrn

    Payment sent for one

  21. bdring

    All gone now

  22. sea2stars

    Hah! That’s what I get for working late tonight. Ah well.

  23. Luis

    Hi I’m very interested in one of these. Could you send me it to Spain?

  24. Thurmond Moore

    Same as above, will need one in the next 75 days or so for my Shapeoko. At least please provide Eagle .brd or Gerber files.

  25. Morgan

    I also ordered a Shapeoko and would like one of these boards – please let me know if you plan to sell more. Thank you!

  26. Nathan

    Same here, gerbers would be great

  27. bdring

    The gerber files are available on tge forum. I don’t use Eagle so I cannot provide those files. The drill file often needs to be adjusted a little for some of the batch type board houses.

  28. Laurent Kim

    Hi, will you be making more available anytime soon?

    Thank you,


  29. EJ

    Hi Bart,

    I was looking at the files for the Revision 3 board and noticed the six pad section called “J5”. Is this new from the prior versions? It looks like the traces touch the fourth axis control. I’m curious how these are implemented and if I need the pins on my board.

    EJ @ ReactSub

  30. Michael

    I would like to purchase one of these shields, when will they be available and how much. Thanks, Michael.

  31. levlandau

    Any word on whether these will be available? I would like to order them for my shapeoko?

    Will they be available for purchase sometime soon?


  32. bdring

    I have about a dozen raw boards. I ran out of terminal blocks to make kits. I am not sure what I plan to do with them. I do not have any time to ship them or order the missing parts for at least a week.

  33. EJ

    Hi Bart,

    I’d love to take a few raw boards off your hands. I’ve sourced everything else. Would you mind touching on my question about the new 6 pin set up at J5 in the Gerber files for Revision 3?

    Best and thanks,

  34. akaziuna

    I would love a raw board, are there any more available?

  35. Niek

    Hmm, seems that a lot of shapeoko buyers end up here… but the board isn’t available?

  36. bdring

    Edward Ford has all the raw boards now. I think he sold most a bunch and is kitting the rest.

  37. Anthony

    I’m yet another Shapeoko user that came here because the docs ( state there is (has been) a kit for $35.

    Can I assume that this is not the case and the information on Shapeoko’s wiki is wrong?

    Otherwise, if there is a kit or board available for sale somewhere, could you please give directions where we could get it? (I don’t know Edward Ford and I don’t see the shield listed on your kits and parts page)

    I’m also interested in getting the board to Belgium. If this is a limitation, I would be happy to know this.

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  39. Paul Carroll

    Where did you get the totally nifty 4 post copper heat sinks? I suppose they could just be copper rods thermal epoxied to the chip, but I love the look! If there is a commercial source, let us know!

  40. Arduino Stepper Shield From Reactive Substance | Amber Spyglass Ltd

    […] electronics of the eShapeOko, search no more!  We have the Arduino Uno-compatible stepper shield, the Reactive Substance version.  We have only the bare PCB for now, so you still need the […]

  41. EJ

    Hi All,
    As Catalin says above, the shields are now available. Bart granted permission for us to produce the shield. Which is *wonderful*, and the second production batch has just come in. Cat is reselling the boards out of the UK. US buyers can find them at the Reactive Shop:


  42. Pino

    Hello, is this item available anywhere?
    I live in Canada and would like to purchase one please.

    Thanks in advance,


  43. Joe Pitz


    I have purchased the dual X axis upgrade kit for my Shapeoko and was wonder if I could use the Stepper Driver for the Dual X axis, the Y axis and the Z axis. Would I use the A for the second X axis or would the X axis handle the extra current to run two steppers in parallel?



  44. bdring

    It would be best to give each stepper motor it’s own driver. I don’t know what firmware you are using, but it would need to be modified. I don’t have any modified firmware to do this though. You should ask this question on the or Shapeoko forum.

  45. Peruzzo Carlo

    hello, my name is Charles and I live in Italy. I want to buy the driver board for 4 motors and the four control cards but I can not find in any store (even online). Can you show me where to get it? thanks

  46. bdring

    Try this web site. Tell them I sent you.