Filament Extruder Competition – $40K!

Inventables announced a filament extruder competition the GE Garage at Maker Faire on 5/19/2012.  The contest is to design a machine to extrude ABS or PLA filament from pellets to 1.75mm using less than $250 worth of materials.  The extruder must be able to add the colorant as well.  The first person to upload a solution wins.  Inventables plans make pellets and colorant available to people to play with.

The prize is $40,000 and a desktop fabrication lab.  The lab consists of a laser cutter, 3D print and a ShapeOko CNC router.  The details are at

Filament is running about $40-$50 dollars.  That is about 5-10 times the cost of raw pellets.  This would be a great resource for a MakerSpace, HackerSpace, club or school.



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