Greg’s Trotec Speedy 300

My name is Greg and in this blog post I’d like to give you some tips on working with a laser machine. I own a Trotec Speedy 300 laser engraver/cutter. Most of the time I do my own designs, but from time to time I take a look at the Trotec website to find some samples and templates there. The samples are located here:

Laser Engraving

My Speedy 300 laser machine is great for engraving all kinds of materials. I prefer working on wood and glass, because the precise engraving results you get are just awesome. Below you can find some of my work I did in the last few months.

I tried a lot of different wood types but I think alder wood is the best for laser engraving because it’s very dry. The dryer the wood, the better the engraving results. I do wood engraving mainly to make birthday presents or decorative items.

Glass engraving also offers many possibilities for picture engraving. You can engrave virtually anything on glass trophies, bottles or dring glasses. On their website Trotec mentions that you can engrave any design that can be printed. Just take care about the right contrast of the image you are using.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be pretty useful if you want to make some nice invitation cards made out of paper or cardstock. The software that comes with the laser lets you use any graphic as a template for the cutting.

My favorite cutting applications are greeting cards, business cards and decorative items made from wood. The tricky part is to correctly set the laser parameters according to the material you are working with. I really recommend having enough material to test the parameters several times. At the beginning it might be a little difficult to find the correct settings and you have to test them a couple of times. As soon as you have got some experience with the laser settings it will be very easy to set the parameters right.

Here are some examples of what I cut with the laser:

If you have any questions regarding laser cutting or engraving feel free to contact me.


Editors Note: This is a guest post from Greg Weber.  Greg lives in Detroit and is not affiliated with Trotec.  He has has the Speedy 300 for about three years.  The machine with a lot of accessories and exhaust system cost about $28,000.

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