Camera Slider Controller Shield



Here is a quick post of a camera slider controller shield I have been working as a part time project over the past few weeks.  It is basically a simple Arduino shield with all the inputs and outputs that a camera slider needs.  I have some simple free firmware for it that does all the basic camera slider features, but it is very hackable to add new features.  It has a lot of extra digital and analog I/O brought out to a connector.  Here is the basic feature list.

  •  Hardware interrupt based motion for super smooth acceleration and motion.
  •  Hardware settable microstepping via jumpers
  • Adjustable speed and acceleration for each move
  • 2 line LCD menu interface with adjustable backlighting.
  • Can store a multi-line control profile in eeprom to run later
  • The shield supports controlling the camera focus and shutter (just about any modern DSLR)
  • Previous setting are stored in memory and will be reloaded at power on.
  • Motor can be disabled so the carriage can be manually moved.
  • Output for 2 hobby servos (pan and tilt?)

Here is the source code Cs Test File





 Watch a demo video

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14 Responses to “Camera Slider Controller Shield”

  1. Arturo

    Adding an IR receiver for remote control would make this just perfect!

  2. David Ditzler

    What shield is this? Is it available at


  3. bdring


    I am struggling with finding a cheap assembler. It is all through hole parts. I have about a dozen hand build units. I can bring one to CNC night for you.


  4. David Ditzler

    Thanks Bart. Sorry I missed you this week. I will try to make it on the 14th.

    thank you

  5. Brett Martin

    Hey Bart, I am currently working on making folding legs and tripod mounts for my MakerSlide camera slider you built for me. I am very interested in this shield and would love to buy one from you. I am trying to make an all-in-one package that can be mounted to the carriage with a battery pack for complete remote use. It’s going to be much easier to test everything once I get the legs and tripod mounts finished.

  6. Brett Martin

    Have you considered adding an analog joystick control or using the Wii Nunchuck for “manual” input? It could be great for recording acceleration and other more subtle movements that can be replayed. Also, you could have one for pan and tilt and one for the slider left/right. seems like a pretty cheap addition hardware wise.

  7. James Simpson

    Where can I get all the boards from?

  8. Qatari

    Ditto here ~<~..
    Is it possible to get the shields/driver/board.

  9. bdring

    I am having trouble getting a reasonable assembly cost because of all of the through hole components. It might actually be cheap to build the Arduino right in.

  10. James Simpson

    How much would you charge to build one for me?

    Any instructions and part list on how to build one?

  11. Manjeet Randhawa

    Hi Bart:

    I’ve built your camera slider (materials from Inventables) except I’m using the Inventables NEMA 17 – 25253-01 for more torque. But I do not know how to control it. Could you kindly sell me one of your camera controller shields? I have an arduino uno and have bought the Panucatt Surestepr SD8825 driver as you suggested in one of your earlier writeups. Any help is very much appreciated.

  12. Steve Rutledge

    Hi.. I have been looking for this concept for a while, and i love the open hackable nature of what you have done.. I have bern looking around to see if you have made these sheild available or BOM and board layouts

    Could you let me know where you are with this project and if there is anything i could get my hands on

    Thanks again for a great job


  13. Thomas Hancock

    I am also extremely interested in this shield, would you sell it in pieces? Thanks for all the great work and info on camera sliders

  14. Latashia

    Thanks for finally writing about >Camera Slider Controller Shield
    at Buildlog.Net Blog <Liked it!