Polar Coaster Updates

I made some basic changes to the Polar Coaster lately to make the electronics a little more robust. I added 2 little mounting points to the rear of the base part.

They attach to one side of the Pen/Laser Control PCB. The mounting height allows the use of 12mm standard spacers. You can still use a Raspberry Pi. The overall height is just a little taller.

I also tried printing one with the spoke pockets going all the way through. This reduces print time by almost an hour and is just as strong.

See the files on Thingiverse.


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2 Responses to “Polar Coaster Updates”

  1. pepperl

    Hi Dring, I am making the midTbot now, They are nice machines!
    Here is my Polar Coaster,https://youtu.be/NvW-9qHtgfc

  2. bdring


    Very nice. That looks like a RAMPS…Cool.