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Building a TWANG32

ESP32 Programming The first step is to program your ESP32. The kit I sell on Tindie requires the use of the NodeMCU-32s. It needs to match this footprint and pinout. Note: Some version of my kits include a pre-programmed ESP32. Arduino IDE Setup You need to compile and upload the firmware using the Arduino IDE. […]

TWANG Shield Rev. 2

I recently ran out of the original TWANG shields. I took the opportunity to make a few changes. Audio Jack The internal speaker is powered by the Arduino I/O pins. This limits it to the low voltage and current that those pins can provide. In normal environments that sound has plenty of volume. I have […]

TWANG32 – An ESP32 Port of TWANG

  I ported the TWANG game over to ESP32. I wanted to do this for several reasons. Cost: The ESP32 is generally lower cost than the Arduino Mega Speed: The ESP32 has a dual core 80MHz processor vs. the 16MHz Arduino Mega Memory: The ESP32 has much more RAM and program space to allow more […]

Building a TWANG

Introduction First…. Most of the credit must go to Robin Baumgarten and Critters for the inspiration and firmware. While I have hacked and tweaked the firmware a lot, the basic design is still all Critter’s. He did a great job. A lot of people have asked me to help them build one, so this blog […]

TWANG Play Testing

  I took my TWANG Clone to ORD Camp, NERP and the Hardware Happy Hour Meetup over the past week. It got a ton of play time.  I received a lot of feedback to work on. Observations and Feedback. It’s difficult to beat.  Only one person got all the way to the boss level and defeated […]

TWANG Shield

While the my TWANG clone has been running great, I wanted to clean up the wiring, so I made a shield to plug into the Arduino. I previously used header connectors plugging into the Arduino. The connectors go to three different places and come from all over the Arduino , so there were a lot […]


I have been a Patron of Robin Baumgarten for a while. He makes experimental hardware for games. His Line Wobbler one dimensional dungeon crawler is my favorite and I have always wanted to play it. It uses a door stop spring as the controller. An accelerometer in the knob allows it to work like a […]