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Laser Cutter Adds 3D Printing Capability

The Buildlog.net Open Source Laser cutter/engraver just added 3D printing to it’s capabilities.   The printer system uses the existing CNC motion system of the laser cutter along with standard RepRap electronics.  A quick release plastic extruder carriage is added to the existing gantry. The upgrade project is called the Chimera Project because this is a […]

MakerBot Plastruder MK5

Yesterday, MakerBot announced they are offering the new Plastruder MK5.   The extruder is designed for reliability, low maintenance and ease of use. It features and all stainless steel hot end that is precision machined to tightly screw together to prevent any leaks.  It gets rid of the Nichrome wire heater and replaces it with two power resistors.  The resistors draw a […]

The Future of 3D Printing

This is a great presentation of the current and future state of 3D printing.  He gives tons of information and mentions a lot of interesting web links. Singularity University is an interesting sound place.  It is based at the NASA Ames campus in Silicon Valley.  Their mission statement is… Singularity University  is an interdisciplinary university […]

New 3D Printer For Sale

There is a new additive thermo plastic printer for sale at PP3D.com.  They call it the UP! printer.  They are selling the first 100 units for $1500 USD, then the price goes up to $2990 USD.  They claim a 0.2mm resolution.  The models do look quite good.  There was a video, after the jump.

Ink Jet 3D Printer

This looks like an interesting hack.  There are not a lot of details, but apparently there is some good information at the Yahoo DIY 3D Printing and Fabrication Group and at CandyFab.org.  It looks like a lot of work and the results are questionable, but if you’ve read any blogs here you know I never criticize people […]