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Laser Cut Vinyl Record – Bad Idea?

Everywhere I look these days I see a blog article about someone laser cutting old vinyl LPs.  I think the first place I saw it was on the Make Magazine Blog.  It seems like a great idea, especially if you choose an image that fits the record you are cutting.  It also fits the recycle/upcycle trends. I […]

3D Printing In Cement

I saw a link to this on the Mach3 Yahoo Forum a few days back and finally got a chance to write it up.  This also reminded me of a post I saw on hackaday using different technique. The first technique extrudes cement in a fluid state in layers.  The current results appear to be of mixed […]

Flat-pack Inspired Playhouse & More

I saw this flat-pack inspired inspired playhouse over at inhabitots.   Flat-pack is a form of a Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) product that ships in a flat state.  The latest flat-pack craze is to see how efficiently you can pack the pieces into the raw sheet.  The parts usually can be assembled without fasteners. Gregg Flieshman has taken […]