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Production Strategies on a Home Built Machine

I cut a lot of parts on my home built machines.  These machines were never designed for production work, so I have developed strategies to get the most productivity out of my work.  My goals are to get the best yield out of my material, have the shortest run times, spend the least time babysitting the machine, […]

Digital Caliper Tricks

I got into a discussion at work about digital vs. dial vs. vernier calipers the other day.  The discussion started because some of our aging eyes were having trouble reading some of the aging vernier calipers in the low light.  There were some pretty strong opinions about which is best.  We did manage to agree […]

Android Mach3 Remote Control

My latest phone is an Android HTC Incredible.  I really love what I can do with it.  I have had it for about 6 weeks and have been dying to write a program for it.  It is programmed in Java and I know Java quite well, so I knew it would not be a big […]

3D Printing In Cement

I saw a link to this on the Mach3 Yahoo Forum a few days back and finally got a chance to write it up.  This also reminded me of a post I saw on hackaday using different technique. The first technique extrudes cement in a fluid state in layers.  The current results appear to be of mixed […]