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Phlatscript – Sketchup to G-code

This is a plugin for Google Sketchup that generates G-Code from 2D drawings from the folks at Phlatboyz.com.  It is very limited in what it can do, but many people will like the familiar interface of Sketchup. Below is a video of what it can do.  The code is open source and can be obtained […]

PVC – Update

FORMUFIT I saw couple of thing on various blogs regarding PVC lately.  I think every general purpose maker has made something out of PVC at some point.  It has a lot of desirable qualities.  It is cheap, easy to find, and very easy to work with.  It is relatively strong and can hold a lot of pressure. […]

DIY CO2 Laser – Using Exhaled Air!

I saw this over at Hackaday.  Magx1 has created a homebuilt CO2 laser using air exhaled into a balloon as the gas source.  There is a great Flickr set and a video. He explains a little bit about how it works in the video.  To fill in some blanks…a flowing gas electrical discharge plasma laser […]

The Age of the Self Replicating Machine.

There is a saying amongst DIY CNC router builders that goes something like this… “You only need to build your first router good enough to build you second one“.  In my case that turned out to be true. I built a wood, conduit and skate bearing Solsylva router.  I painstakingly layed out the various pieces using calipers, t-squares […]

Rotational Molder

I saw this rotational molder a while back on several blogs (Ponoko, Core77, designboom).  Rotational molding is typically used to make large hollow plastic parts.  They make anything from kayaks to gas tanks.  The molds are very simple hollow cavities, that split into at least 2 pieces. A specific amount of material is placed inside […]