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Full color 3-D viewing Stand For iPad

Thomas Kumlehn of Pixel Partner sent me a nice email regarding the iPad Chair.  He did a roughly similar Instructable to mine on an iPad 3-D viewer.  This is another laser cut flat-pack iPad holder, but this holds the iPad in the perfect location for viewing stereoscopic 3D images and video.  He uses a readily […]

The iPad Chair

I am working on a fun, geeky project and I needed a little stand for an iPad.  I am not a real fan of the Apple company, but my wife got this though work and it will be perfect for my project.  I love this flat-pack style of construction and I was inspired by my […]


I am just amazed, and I am not easily amazed.  I saw this SketchChair application at the Ponoko Blog.  This is just plain amazing.  I love Flat-pack and this is like Flat-pack crack.  This program is a collaboration between Greg Saul and the JST ERATO Design UI Project in Tokyo.  This is a Processing based […]

Flat-pack Inspired Playhouse & More

I saw this flat-pack inspired inspired playhouse over at inhabitots.   Flat-pack is a form of a Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) product that ships in a flat state.  The latest flat-pack craze is to see how efficiently you can pack the pieces into the raw sheet.  The parts usually can be assembled without fasteners. Gregg Flieshman has taken […]

Sketchup Model Slicer

This is a handy Plug in for Google Sketchup.  It  slices a solid model so it can be cut on a laser cutter or router.  It is called SketchUp SliceModeler.  You can get it here.  It costs  EUR 10. Here is a tutorial for using it.